Britt Hein

Singing teacher


Britt Hein is a professional singer. She has many years of experience as singer in various bands, as a choir singer for professional soloists and as lead/ choir singer in numerous cartoons. Through years being on tour and making concerts Ms. Hein has developed a deep understanding for the conditions and challenges that are part of a singer's life.


During the last 20 years Britt Hein has made intense studies in the field of vokal pedagogy, especially the relationship between voice, body and psyche. 



- Certification in the Anne Rosing Method (2015-2017)

- Voice Rehabilitation course (ARI) (2013)

- Voiceembodiment (2007-2009)

- Masters degree from the Rhythmic Music Music Conservatory


- Bachelor's degree in Musicology and Dramaturgy oat the Copenhagen (1995-1998)


Teaching experience:

- Associate professor at at the Music Institute of the Copenhagen University (2015)

- Singing teacher at the conservatory prep schools MKG Sankt Annæ and Ishøj MGK. (since 2004)

- Singing teacher at  Egedal Music school, focus line (since 2000)

- Vocal coach for professional singers.

- Workshops for large companies; for example Novo Nordisk, the Ministry of Education and Science and AON.

- Vocal coach for Nikolaj Steens mentees in the Danish television programme Mentor.


Performance experience (non exhaustive list):

- Lead singer in the Soul/funk Big Band BLAST. (Concerts in all of Denmark)

- The vocal group SINGERS (tours in Taiwan, Singapore and Germany)

- Cartoons (danish versions): The Beauty and the Beast (2017), Vaiana (2016), Frozen (2013) and more.

- Choir singer for Etta Cameron through 5 years.


- Choir singer for i.a. Sanne Salomonsen, Ivan Pedersen and at the Danish Melodi Grandprix.



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