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At the Anne Rosing Institute, we are Denmark's leading specialists in rehabilitation of the singing voice as well as the conversational voice.

Do you experience: 

- Losing your voice?

- Sudden hoarseness?

- Your voice failing you?

- Pain around the larynx?

- Pain during singing or speaking?

We offer quick and effective treatment based on an initial clarification of the problem.
Ideally, you have consulted a laryngologist in advance so you have an idea about the clinical image of your vocal folds.

You can read more about the different options here: ​


Acute treatment of voice problems
If your voice has shut down and you are facing an important event such as a presentation or a concert, we can help.

Rehabilitation process
If your voice problems are of a more persistent nature, you may need a longer process to rehabilitate your voice.


Acute treatment


Rehabilitation process

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