Your individual voice rehabilitation plan will be based on an auditive, visual and manual analysis of your vocal condition. At the Anne Rosing Institute voice rehabilitation means to reconnect to the grain of the voice, the original approach to voice production, that we are all borne with but often loose contact with while we  grow up.


The work will at the same time include reconnecting to the grain of the voice and remedy the compensatory tension that arises from "survival strategies" in the voice production. 

After a successful vocal rehabilitation process, the singer will often have the feeling of 'having found him/herself again'. 

A vocal rehabilitation plan consists of an intensive process over a shorter or longer period of time. The plan will be suiten for your specific needs, based on the auditive, visual and manual analysis of your vocal condition.

You will receive a specific training program, that contains bodily exercises in order to tone your body for singing, training of the breath support and of the grain of the voice. Furthermore compensatory tension around the larynx will be treated with manual treatment. This kind of treatment will be executed by both teacher and rehabilitation client.


Laryngeal massage

Voice problems are often be accompagnied by pain around the larynx. This may be caused by tension in the external laryngeal muscles and will restrict the voice's working conditions. Through light massage of the muscles around the neck and larynx, even severe functional voice disorders can be treated.


Tension remedy

This consists of treatment of compensatory tension in the jaw, the neck, the pharyngeal constrictor muscles and the tongue root. Tension in these muscles can directly and indirectly affect the agility of the laryngeal cartilages and thereby hinder a free voice function. Through light massage and slow, gentle stretches the muscles gradually relax and allow the voice to regain its agility and strength.


Vibroacoustic treatment

Relaxing sound wave therapy 

Through different sound frequences vibroacoustic treatments alleviate tension throughout the body. There are 10 built-in loudspeakers in the matress that emit the frequences which the body absorbs. Furthermore the breath will become more calm and deep, which is a fundamental criteria for the rehabilitation of a troubled voice. Vibroacoustic also has a positive effect in stress treatment.





  • Elucidation (approx. 1 1/2 hour) by Anne Rosing: 1500 kr.

  • Consult with Anne Rosing: 950 kr.

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