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At the Anne Rosing Institute, the purpose of rehabilitation is to recreate the core voice, i.e. the free voice function with which we are born. Rehabilitation is required when the singing voice (or the conversational voice) suffers from serious functional strain. Perhaps you have experienced for some time a hampering hoarseness or a lacking low or high pitch, or you have pains in your laryngeal area.

Prior to a rehabilitation course, you must have consulted a laryngologist so that we know the nature of the instrument we are dealing with. The Anne Rosing Institute collaborates with Denmark's best specialist doctors within the field of phoniatrics.

A rehabilitation process is an intensive process which may last for a short or long period of time. The first item on the agenda is to clarify the cause of the voice problems. Perhaps an adjustment of the singing technique is warranted.

But the cause may also be stress, an inappropriate body posture or a strained working position.

We tailor a rehabilitation programme for you based on an auditive, visual and manual assessment, i.e. we listen to your singing voice and conversational voice, we observe your body posture, the position of your head, etc. and we palpate your larynx.

Using manual treatment (laryngeal massage and massage of tense neck and jaw muscles), we identify and treat tensions in the laryngeal area, and we teach you simple grips you must perform yourself during the rehabilitation process. The Institute is always abreast of new devices, which we have tested and recommend to professional voice artists (we do not have any financial interests or obligations), devices you can use yourself, and which support the rehabilitation process, e.g. a small vibrator, a sound massage device or miscellaneous training equipment.

What truly provides relief for the strain on your voice is the construction of a solid foundation, what we call the singer's ABC:

Training the singing body, training the breathing support and training the core voice. You will get a very specific training programme to that end.

An increasing problem for many singers is stress. Stress affects the breathing and thus the voice, and it often manifests as disturbing tension patterns around the larynx. The Institute specialises in measures which relieve stress.
For example, we have different types of relaxing sound treatments.

If you are interested in a problem clarification or rehabilitation process, you may call Anne Rosing on tel. +45 40 96 90 04.
In other cases, please call the Institute on tel. +45 25 94 95 99.


Problem clarification: DKK 1,500 (90 minutes)
Clip card (further information about price based on the duration of the process)

In addition to offering courses of rehabilitation, we also train singers, singing teachers, speech and language therapists and speech instructors in voice rehabilitation.


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