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Individual singing

Core voice

Individual lessons by an Anne Rosing certified singing instructor costs DKK 900,- for one 55 minute lesson.

You can obtain a discount by purchasing a singing package which consists of individual singing lessons and free access to our exsisting singing body training. 

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Vocal onset

The individual singing course is taught by one of the institute's singing teachers who is trained and certified in the Anne Rosing Method. During the lessons, we identify any physical/bodily challenges which prevent you from singing freely. In collaboration with your singing teacher, you will come up with a plan for your independent training and rehearsal outside the lessons to help you find your core voice.

The optimum scenario for developing your solo singing is an extended process during which the singing teacher closely monitors your voice development.
You can benefit from supporting your solo singing training by singing body training.


How does your singing voice work?


We help you discover the strengths and weaknesses of your singing voice. If you are experiencing problems with your high pitch, a crack or an audible transition between the high and the low pitch, you may need to adjust your singing technique. But just as often, the root of the problem is an insufficient adduction of the vocal folds for which you compensate to achieve a musically satisfactory sound. This causes tensions around the larynx, prevents the production of high notes and causes a lack of equality in the voice which result in cracks or transitions.

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