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Acute treatment

Acute treatment of voice problems

A typical acute treatment session involves manual treatment, which is a speciality of ours. Tense muscles which prevent your voice from functioning properly are massaged and stretched (laryngeal massage, relaxation of the muscles of the jaw and neck). Sometimes, this is all it takes to make your voice work again. Afterwards, you will get an exercise programme you can use to remedy your voice problems yourself.

You may need to follow up on the acute treatment with a rehabilitation course, either short or long.

If your voice problem occurs acutely, you may call
Anne Rosing on tel. +45 40 96 90 04.

In other cases, please call the Institute on
tel. +45 25 94 95 99.



Problem clarification by Anne Rosing DKK 1,500 (90 minutes)

Consultation with Anne Rosing DKK 1,000 (60 minutes)

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