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Anne Rosing

The course is intended for rhythmical and classical singing teachers and singers.
Even the most perfect singing technique comes up short if the working conditions of the singing voice act as obstacles to its development. For example, the larynx may be permanently fixed in an elevated position or placed low even in the resting position. The lateral mobility of the larynx may also be restricted, or the laryngeal cartilages may be fixed in relation to each other. These deviations from a relaxed larynx in the resting position may be the cause of, for example, a lacking low pitch, a fixed high pitch or problems with the transition from the bottom to the top of the voice.
Singing teachers have practised laryngeal massage for multiple generations.
Over several years, Anne Rosing has created a systematic and progressively structured course on laryngeal massage, which is an effective supplement to all types of singing techniques. Massaging and stretching tense muscles, which impact the working conditions of the larynx, provides the ideal foundation for the singing technique. 

The course also provides you with effective tools to treat tensions in for example the neck, jaw, pharyngeal constrictor muscles and tongue root – in yourself and your students.

Day 1: Introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the larynx with exercises.

Day 2: Diagnosis and treatment: How is the larynx positioned, do the laryngeal cartilages have free movability, and how are they in relation to each other? Subsequently, tense muscles are treated through laryngeal massage and stretching. 

Day 3: Laryngeal massage and its effect on the singing voice.

Friday 13 September 2024 from 4 to 7.30 p.m.
Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September 2024 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Anne Rosing Institute, Njalsgade 21F, 7th floor, 2300 Copenhagen S

DKK 4,850
We will send you an invoice to be paid within 7 days of registering for the course.

Registration and further information through:
Limited number of participants. 

Subject to change.

Laryngeal massage course

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