Laryngeal massage course

Learn how to treat compensatory, singing related, tension around the larynx 


 August 28-30 2020

Teacher:  vocal pedagogue, physiological massage therapist Anne Rosing  


Friday August 28 at 19 – 22 (7 to 10 pm)

Saturday August 29 at  10 – 16 (10 am to 4 pm)

Sunday August 30 at 10 – 16 (10 am to 4 pm)



Singers and vocal pedagogues.




Even the best singing technique will not suffice if the voice is restricted by poor working conditions; the larynx may for example be placed permanently too high or too low even at rest, its sideways mobility may be reduced or the laryngeal cartilages may be unable to articulate with each other. 

All of the examples above may be the cause of for instance a lack of depth, problems with the high notes or breaks between the registres.


Laryngeal massage, also known as manual treatment has existed for generations. It is a highly efficient supplement for all kinds of singing techniques. Through the massage the larynx will obtain optimal freedom so that the voice can work freely.



Course goal: This course will provide you with some effectice tools to treat tension around the larynx -your own as well as those of your students.




Day 1: An introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the larynx as well as the principles of manual treatment. 

Day 2: Diagnoses and treatment. During this course you will learn to asses a singing voice's working conditions: how is the larynx placed, are the laryngeal cartilages able to articulate freely?You will also learn to treat tense muscles through laryngeal massage.

Day 3: Laryngeal massage and its effect on the singing voice. 




The Anne Rosing Institute, Svanemøllevej 92, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark.

Course fee:

4500 kr. May be paid through bank transfere or Mobilepay.

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Limited number of participants. 

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