Anne Rosing

Anne Rosing

Head of the Anne Rosing Institute

Teaches:  Singing, singing pedagogy and rehabilitation.

Anne Rosing is among the leading singing teachers in Denmark. She was originally trained as a classical singer, she has an MA in music and rhetoric, and she is a certified massage therapist and body therapist.

For many years, Anne taught at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory, the Rhythmical Music Conservatory and at the Institute for Arts and Culture, the Department of Musicology in Copenhagen.

In 2014, she established her own institute for singing, singing pedagogy and voice rehabilitation, the Anne Rosing Institute, of which she is the day-to-day head. Singers from many genres, e.g. opera, musical theatre, pop and rock, are taught at the institute.

For many years, Anne has both studied and worked with professional singers in possession of great musical surplus and with extensive careers. A shared characteristic among these singers is a certain balancing of the body which Anne has termed "the singing body". This singing body balance yields perfect working conditions for the tiny laryngeal muscles and form the basis for the training of the "core voice", a term which covers the optimally functioning singing voice.

The core voice is a shared quality among rhythmical as well as classical singers, but in recent years, Anne's primary focus has been on training the functional and musical register of expression of the classical singing voice.  

Based on a minute anatomical and physiological description of these two pillars, Anne has described her methodical approach to singing technique and teaching singing in the book "The song from the body and the core voice" (2019). She describes, in theory as well as in practice, the training of both the singing body and the core voice, and she also elaborates on the treatment of the tensions which may arise when the body and the voice do not collaborate.

Anne is a pioneer in the field of laryngeal massage. Based on several years as an apprentice to Denmark's leading laryngeal massage expert, physiotherapist Jette Hauser, and on her training as a massage therapist, Anne has developed and detailed a series of massage grips which provide optimum working conditions for the singing voice and ease the training of the core voice. 

To Anne, the work to develop the singing voice is much more comprehensive than merely focusing on singing technique and musical direction. Due to her training as a body therapist, she has great insight into and respect for the collaboration between the body and the mind and its implications to the singing voice. The sound of the singing voice itself provides her with important clues as to where she and the singer should focus their efforts in the specific situation.

In parallel with teaching solo singing, Anne also trains and upskills singers and singing teachers in singing pedagogy and rehabilitation of the singing voice.

Anne teaches a multitude of singers from among the classical and rhythmical elite in Denmark. In addition, she has held many courses both in Denmark and abroad for many years. She has also acted as a voice coach to members of the Danish Parliament, Novo Nordisk, the Royal Theatre, TV2, etc.