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Anne Rosing

Anne Rosing
Head of the Anne Rosing Institute

Teacher in:  Singing, singing pedagogy and rehabilitation

Anne Rosing is one of Denmark's leading singing educators. She was originally trained as a classical singer and is also an MA. in music and rhetoric, physiogisk masseuse and body therapist.

Anne has taught for many years at the Royal Danish Conservato
ry of Music, Rhythmic Conservatory of Music and at the Department of Art and Cultural Studies, Department of Musicology in Copenhagen.

In 2014, she established her own institute for singing, singing pedagogy and voice rehabilitation, the Anne Rosing Institute, of which she is the day-to-day manager. At the institute, singers are taught in many genres, including opera, musical, pop and rock.

For many years, Anne has both studied and worked with professional singers who have great musical talent and a long career. Common to many of these singers is a certain body balance, which Anne has called "the singer's body". This singer's body balance gives the small muscles in the throat perfect working conditions and forms the basis for the training of the "core voice", a term that covers the optimally functioning singing voice.

The core voice is a common foundation for both the rhythmic and the classical singer, but in recent years Anne has primarily concentrated on training the functional and musical expression register of the classical singing voice.  
Based on a detailed anatomical and physiological description of these two pillars, Anne has described her singing technique and singing teaching method in the book "From singer's body to core voice" (2019). She describes in theory and practice the training of both the singer's body and core voice and also the treatment of the tensions that can arise when body and voice do not play together.

Anne is one of the pioneers in throat massage. Based on several years of master teaching with Denmark's leading expert in throat massage, the physiotherapist Jette Hauser, supplemented by training as a physiotherapist, Anne has developed and described a series of massage techniques that give the singing voice optimal working conditions and facilitate the training of the core voice._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

For Anne, the work of developing the singing voice is much more than just singing technique and musical instruction. Based on her training as a physical therapist, she has great insight into and respect for the interaction between body and psyche and the consequences for the singing voice. The very sound of the singing voice gives her important clues as to where to start in the current teaching situation.

In parallel with her teaching in solo singing, Anne educates and retrains singers and singing teachers in singing pedagogy and in rehabilitating the singing voice.

Anne teaches a large number of singers from the Danish classical and rhythmic elite. In addition, for many years she has had an extensive course business both at home and abroad. She has also worked as a voice coach for, among others, members of the Folketing, Novo Nordisk, the Royal theater and TV2.

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