Summer Camp for Singers

 13- 16 August 2020 
 10.00-16.00 all four days


The course is based on the principles of the Anne Rosing Method.



·      Singer’s gym: Exercises that will tone your body in a way that will lay the foundation for a free singing voice.

·      Vocal technique: We will be working with the breath support and the tone release in order to develop your unique voice profile, which we call the “core voice”.

·      The work with body exercises and voice will be integrated in the work with musical interpretation.

·      Workshop: Stage presence, powerful performance, musical drama



Singers of all genres, singing students, singing teachers, choir singers and choir conductors.​


Anne Rosing (Singing technique, Singing)

Morten Middelboe Møllemand (Singer’s gym)

Katrine Krog Russo (Singer’s gym)

Marianne Miravet Sorribes (Stage presence)

Course fee: 3600 kr.​

Application: Applicants must send an e-mail to


Application deadline: 1 June 2020.

Place: Anne Rosing Instituttet, Svanemøllevej 92, 2900 Hellerup.

Changes may occur.


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