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Full-year course in rehabilitation

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Anne Rosing

Do you want to learn how to repair and rehabilitate your own voice or the voices of your students?

Do you experience:


- a strained voice after singing, or do you even lose your voice?

- more or less permanently hoarse, and do you feel uncertain about how to avoid this hoarseness?
- pains around the larynx when singing? 

- you lose your top or bottom after a concert?
- you feel increasingly musically limited because your voice is no longer able to perform as it used to? 

The Full-year course on rehabilitating your singing and conversational voice teaches you how to rehabilitate and protect your own voice and the voices of your students. 

One of the most effective means is laryngeal massage and simple stretching of the muscles which impact the working conditions of the larynx. 

In parallel, you will train the basic functions of your voice in order to build a solid foundation for your singing. 

You can pass on this knowledge to your students. This will extend the lifespan of your voice and allow you to express yourself freely in singing and in speech.


Diagnosis: auditive, visual and manual analysis 

Anatomy and physiology as well as record-keeping

Treatment of acute voice problems

Laryngeal massage

Handling short or extended courses of rehabilitation

Treatment of compensatory tensions: neck, jaw, pharyngeal constrictor muscles, etc.

Supervision and practical experience: "Guinea pigs", provided and your own


Education or experience as a singer, singing teacher, speech instructor or speech and language therapist.


One year, distributed across the following 8 weekends:

17-19 September 2021

29-31 October 2021

26-28 November 2021

28-30 January 2022

18-20 February 2022

25-27 March 2022

29 April-1 May 2022
17-19 June 2022



The Anne Rosing Institute, Njalsgade 21F, 7th floor, 2300 Copenhagen S.


Fridays at 3.30-7.00 p.m.: The voice in theory and practice and a course in applied anatomy and physiology.

Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Rehabilitation in theory and practice – guinea pigs, supervision, etc.


The price of the full-year course in rehabilitation is DKK 42,000 which are paid by bank transfer. 
Find payment information here.

It is possible to pay in advance semi-annually: 2 x DKK 21,000 or monthly: 12 x DKK 3,500 

Please send us your motivation for applying to the course as well as relevant background information. The application should be directed to Anne Rosing and e-mailed to

Registration is final and guaranteed when you pay the course fee or the first instalment thereof.
The obligatory course on the anatomy and physiology of the voice is included in the price.

The education in "Rehabilitation of the singing and conversational voice" is concluded by a final paper based on a rehabilitation process from the course. A course certificate will be issued.

Limited number of participants maximum 12 participants.

Subject to change.

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