Welcome to the Anne Rosing Institute

The Anne Rosing Institute is a private institute for professional and semi-professional singers, singing teachers, actors and other persons who wish to work professionally to improve their singing and conversational voice. The singing lessons are for classical as well as rhythmical singers.

The institute is a knowledge centre and educational institution for singing with three primary lines: Singing, Singing pedagogy and Voice rehabilitation.

With a focus on the working conditions of the singing voice, the Anne Rosing Method is based on training the singing body and thus also the singer's core voice. The core voice is the singer's personal signature characterised by a great richness in overtones and a particular timbre brilliance, and it also has great abrasion resistance and carrying power.

We help singers exploit the full potential of their voices – and we help each one discover the unique timbre quality of his own voice. No two voices are the same, and this diversity and multitude is supported by the Anne Rosing Method.

At the institute, you will meet instructors trained in the fields of singing, speech, anatomy and physiology. Using anatomy and physiology, you will learn how your musical expression is affected by the collaboration between your body and your voice. The voice is set free when it is carried by the body – when the body carries your voice, you are free to convey the emotions of the lyrics and music. 

Our courses are based on research and tailored to the individual's voice profile. We stand by your side and support your development process on your path to singing with your own sound.

Read more about the Anne Rosing Institute, the Anne Rosing Method and our different courses on this site.