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Nanna Katrine Larsen

Teaches: singing technique training

Nanna is certified as a singing teacher in the Anne Rosing Method.

In addition, Nanna has a degree in cellular biology from Copenhagen University specialising in voice formation and neurology. She wrote her dissertation at Aarhus University at the Center for Music in the Brain.


Nanna teaches singing-technique training at the Anne Rosing Institute, and she has taught singing for multiple years both privately and at music schools and night schools.

Her latest employment is as a part-time teacher in singing and singing body training at the Rhythmical Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.


Nanna primarily teaches rhythmical singers, and she has also taught within the musical theatre genre, e.g. as a vocal coach on the youth musical "Verden Venter".

In her lessons, Nanna values the development of the singer's potential based on manual treatment, relaxation of tensions and optimum training of voice and body.


In addition to teaching, Nanna has also been active as a performing musician for many years, and her work includes both song writing and performance.

The combination of the singing-technical, physiological and artistic approach makes Nanna's lessons well-rounded and allows for a constant focus on the singer's current needs and development.

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