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Katrine Krog Russo


Teaches: Singer’s Gym 

Katrine Krog Russo is educated in music and theology at the University of Copenhagen, and sings professionally – writing her own songs with inspiration from the Danish folk tradition and jazz. In addition to this, she publishes records (own and others), writes texts, poetry and short stories, as well as works with communication, management and administration for a number of artists and smaller companies. 


During the last four years, Katrine has immersed herself in the Anne Rosing Method with special focus on “The Singing Body Instrument” and how, through specific care and training of the body, we can give the voice the best working conditions to achive a strong, natural and sonorous voice. 


Katrine teaches Singer’s Gym inside and outside the institute and is on her final year in her certification as a Anne Rosing Teacher with special focus on people who use their voice professionally, ie. teachers, journalists, coaches, actors, priests etc. 



Go to the following websites to learn more:

creative: www.katrinekrogrusso.com

Business: www.zinazinetti.com

The blog: blog.zina.dk

An art piece: www.zina.dk 

Facebook: katrinekrogrussomusik

Youtube: ZinaZinettiMusic 



+45 31 42 13 24 katrine@zina.dk