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Erik Storm Lorentsen

Erik Storm Lorentsen

Teaches: Solo singing

Erik is a conservatory-educated singing teacher with rhythmical singing as his speciality.


During Erik's time at the conservatory, Jo Estill came to Denmark with her model of the voice, her specific method and a language which elaborated further on the terms of falsetto register and chest register.


Erik found work in South Jutland at music schools and MGK where he spent 14 years, only with a small detour to the musical theatre stage to play in Les Miserables at Aalborg Theatre.


During these years, he took numerous courses with Scottish singing teacher Ian Adam, and he completed the three-year supplementary training as a singer and singing teacher with Cathrine Sadolin. In 2006, Erik was employed by Aarhus Theatre's Acting School, today called the Danish National School of Performing Arts, the Aarhus campus.


Today, he teaches as a voice and singing coach at the National School of Performing Arts as well as Aarhus Theatre, Aalborg Theatre, Svalegangen and other theatres in mid-Jutland.

In addition, he owns a comprehensive private practice for the conversation and singing voice. During his search for ways to reach the original voice, Erik came to Anne Rosing in 2013. The first course was like coming home.


The mixture of targeted body training for the voice user, manual treatment and accurate training of the voice mechanics has enabled Erik to help singers in a manner which was previously not possible.


By now, he has taken years of supplementary courses with Anne Rosing and earned the title of certified teacher in the Anne Rosing Method and in voice rehabilitation.


To take one step further into the life and life streams of the body, Erik studied how to work on the fascia, and today, he is an authorised instructor in Jeanne Jensen's Fascial Flow. He is currently taking courses in cranio-sacral work with Trine Rosenberg at the KST Institute in Silkeborg.


The many different approaches to voice work form a whole which help voice users – with all their differences – every day.

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