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Anna Kromann

Teaches: singing and performs Alternative Lifting Technique treatments (ALT)

Anna is trained as a classical singer and has an MA in musical science and the aesthetics and history of dance.

In 2020, she was certified as a singing teacher in the Anne Rosing Method specialising in manual treatment.

Her interest in accommodating the individual singer's needs and circumstances has also led to a certification in Alternative Lifting Technique (ALT). 

ALT is a gentle type of massage which calms the nervous system and invites the body to release tensions in the skin, fascia and muscle layers.


Her minor in the aesthetics and history of dance inspired her to seek out types of dancing and moving which take their starting point in the relational interplay between music, body and environment. This resulted in a year studying as a Biodanza (UK) facilitator in 1996 and continued exploration of the body's

movement patterns through, for example, Continuum and Fascial Flow.


Her urge to resolve blockages and challenge limitations has led her far and wide.

All carried by the desire to be able to sing freely from a place of balance and inspire others to do the same. 


Anna primarily works as a church singer and soloist, and she also teaches and performs body treatments.



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