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The Tomatis-method: 

training the ability to listen

There is a big difference between hearing and listening.

The quality of your voice in speech as well as singing depends on your ability to liste. The ear has a built-in proctection mechanism that makes us capable of shutting out acoustic shocks. On the mental level we may also turn a deaf ear to things that we do not want to hear. This 'chosen deafness' is a defence and a prison at the same time. 

By listening to processed music you can improve the quality of your voice and your ability to listen -to yourself and others. 

The Method is called "The Tomatis Method" or "audio-psycho-phonology"and has been developed by the french otolaryngologist Alfred Tomatis. Tomatis' thesis -that has been well supported by years of clinical trials- is that the ear is the most significant (musical) organ in the way that the ear controls everything -you sing and play "with" the ear since the sound of the voice and the instrument only contain what the ear is capable of hearing. If the ear is bad at listening the voice or the instrument will as a result have a bad sound. Tomatis distinguishes between hearing and listening - hearing is passive while listening is an active process and this can be trained and the ability can be regained. You do not, however, only listen with the ear but with the entire body and a portion of the sound accesses the ear through the scull and the entire skeleton. 


According to Tomatis voice problems as well as mental issues can be traced back to the fact that a person refuses to listen to specific frequencies. This is not a physiological defect but an unfortunate habit or psychological frailty. 


The treatment consists of renting the listening equipment and listening 2 hours every day for 14 days -this is the first part of the listening training. It is very important that the daily listening is completed in one session since it is constructed as a unity.  


Before the treatment you will need a listening test, to uncover which areas that are in need of stimulation. (duration approx. 1 hour).


The cost of renting the listening equipment for 14 days is 3500 kr. The listening test that proceeds the treatment costs 950 kr. 

After the treatment there will be an additional listening test to monitor the results -this one is free.

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