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Simone Maja Pedersen

Simone graduated as a rhythmical singer, singing teacher and choirmaster from the Royal Academy of Music in 2014, she was certified as a singing teacher in the Anne Rosing Method in 2019, and she also holds a bachelor's degree in musicology from Copenhagen University from 2012.

With her experience as a singer in the Danish National Girls’ Choir, the jazz group Touché, original bands, cover bands and as a solo artist, Simone has a broad knowledge of genres. She has a special interest in understanding the many possibilities of the voice, and she has thus made a virtue of learning to teach singing technique and timbre possibilities to choirs and choirmasters.

Simone is passionate about her profession and commits fully to her lessons, where she considers it a crucial component to build a relation of trust. The fact that she master many different genres with her own voice provides her with a unique opportunity to face many musical and pedagogical challenges.

Simone has taught since she was 19 (2006), and she has worked with everything from baby music classes, children's choir, theatre school and evening choir for beginners to vocal groups at higher levels and solo singers of all ages at MGK as well as conservatory level. In addition, Simone is an experienced instructor holding workshops for choirs, high school classes and companies specialising in team building.



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