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Sarah Forchhammer

Teaches: Singing and singing body training

Sarah Forchhammer is certified as a singing teacher from the Anne Rosing Institute. She is one of the Institute's permanent in-house teachers, and she teaches both solo classes and group lessons. 

Sarah graduated from Copenhagen University in 2016 with a master's degree in musicology, and since then, she has worked as a singer, choir master and singing teacher in many different settings.

Sarah is part of the female vocal group the Baobab Sisters, which performs South African songs and regularly tour the southern parts of Africa. In addition, Sarah has taught singing at many different institutions such as the Acting Academy, AFUK (the academy for untamed creativity), Rytmisk Center and Tårnby Teater and Teatret Gorgerne. Sarah often does workshops on the use of the voice for choirs and companies.


To Sarah, the connection between the body, the voice and the psyche is a central aspect of her teaching, and she has a strong desire to help her students get a free and healthy voice. Sarah works with the mental blockages which may impede the singer's path to freedom, just as she relieves physical tensions through the use of massage and relaxation exercises. 

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