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Morten Middelboe Møllemand

Teaches: Singing body training, singing technique training and solo singing

Morten was certified as a singing teacher in the Anne Rosing Method in the spring of 2018. He is permanently affiliated with the Anne Rosing Institute where he teaches singing body training, singing technique training and solo singing. He was originally educated in musicology and psychology from Copenhagen University (2016). His approach to voice work is therefore academic, and geeking out about anatomy and physiology is a permanent part of his work on the singing voice.

Morten is trained as a classical singer. He has played several different roles in the operettas of the Polyhymnia company at the Copenhagen Court theatre. In addition, Morten has portrayed the infamous Mr. Bumble in Rearview Theatre's performance of Oliver, the musical, and he often holds church concerts.
Nonetheless, as a former pop and musical theatre singer, he has extensive experience with the development of the rhythmical voice, and it is also extremely near to his heart.

Morten has special insight into the training of the singing body. He is a sought-after training nerd who manages to link the singing body's precise balancing work to fitness and strength training. Morten also specialises in manual treatment of compensatory tensions in the body and around the larynx.

He works as a choirmaster, and from his singing teacher career, he has years' experience arranging choir workshops.

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