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Britt Hein

Britt Hein

Teaches: Singing

Britt is trained as a singer and singing teacher and a graduate of the Rhythmical Music Conservatory in Copenhagen from 2005. For the past 20 years, she has devoted herself to the field of singing pedagogy with a particular interest in studying the dynamics between the voice, the body and the psyche. Britt has taken numerous supplementary courses over the years, and in 2017, she was certified as an instructor in the Anne Rosing Method. 


Britt is the front woman of soul/funk big band Blast which performs concerts all over Denmark, and she also tours the world with the vocal group Singers. Britt has been a back-up singer for many professional singers, e.g. Etta Cameron, Sanne Salomonsen and Stig Rossen, and she has also recorded songs for a number of cartoons and films. Her most recent works include the Netflix movie Jingle Jangle (2020), Frozen 1+2 (2013 and 2019) and the latest version of the Lion King (2019).


In 2008, she released her own album, "Sig det som det er" (Say it like it is), from Cope Records, and she toured Denmark with her own orchestra. Britt gives vocal workshops for Novo Nordisk, the Ministry of Education and AON, among others. She has worked as a vocal coach at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (the Danish National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest) (2019) and also to Nikolaj Steen's mentees in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's programme "Mentor" (2013).


Britt is employed as a study lecturer at the Institute for Arts and Culture, the Department of Musicology.

In addition, she teaches at the Rhythmical Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, at SAG's MGK  profile and at the Anne Rosing Institute. 


25 years of touring, concerts and vocal coaching have given Britt profound insight into and experience with the conditions and challenges that affect the singer. As a singer, she is passionate about the connection with the audience and the presence offered by creative music. As a singing teacher, she takes pride in contributing to a door being opened to a place where the student experiences his own body as the true instrument and the foundation for the freedom of his voice.

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