Certification in the Anne Rosing Method
Singing teacher training


Anne Rosing or an Anne Rosing-certified singing teacher.

The education is intended for people who want to teach the Anne Rosing Method professionally.
Singing teachers certified in the Anne Rosing Method teach at, for example, music conservatories, universities, MGK and The Danish National School of Performing Arts.



Six semesters across three years. You sign up for one year at a time. 



The autumn semester begins in August and the spring semester in January (77 hours in total).
Class lessons in small groups (57 hours) and solo lessons (solo singing + solo supervision 20 hours).
In addition, the students have the option to participate in the courses on anatomy and physiology, singing body training sessions and singing classes offered by the Anne Rosing Institute. 


Guinea pigs

It is up to the student himself to find guinea pigs to the extent possible. In addition, the Institute will provide guinea pigs when it is necessary to highlight particular singing-technical and musical problems. The student is expected to carry out guinea pig sessions (of 10 lessons) with at least two guinea pigs per semester.



Anne Rosing ”The song from the body and the core voice – Talent and training”


From 9 August 2022.

Group lessons take place on Tuesdays from 4 to 7 p.m. Solo lessons are scheduled individually.



DKK 54,000 divided into 12 monthly instalments of DKK 4,500.



You must submit a motivation letter containing a description of your pedagogical or artistic activities to info@annerosing.dk, directed to Anne Rosing.

All applicants will be called for a song and an interview where they will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the contents and structure of the education as well as any expectations to the work efforts required.


Subject to change.