Singer's Gym

Singer's Gym is a form of exercise developed by Anne Rosing.

A singer must, in addition to having a good basic stamina and fitness, be strong and flexible in some very specific muscles that are part of the training and the balancing of the 'Singing Body'.

The "Singing-Body" is the foundation for the training of a free singing and speaking voice.

All exercises are accompanied by breathing exercises, so that a parallel effect of the training is a strong respiratory condition. 

Singer's Gym is an integral part of the basic course in the Anne Rosing method and in the other vocal courses at the Anne Rosing Institute. 

Feel free to 'drop in'.

Price: 150 kr. per lesson

Rebate vouchers for 10 training lessons: 1200 kr.

Mondays: 10.00-11.30 (intermediate level)

Tuesdays: 15.30-17.00 (open class)

Thursdays: 10.00-11-30 (open class)

Voice gym

In this class we train the tone release through specified vocal exercises as well as muscle stretching and light throat massage.

Price : 150 kr per lesson

Rebate vouchers for 10 lessons: 1200 kr

Mondays: 11.45-12.45 (intermediate level)

Thursdays: 11.45-12.45 (open class)