Singing packages, 10-lesson cards

and membership

The Anne Rosing Institute has a variety of offers on tuition in order to meet the individual needs and economy. You can choose between different singing packages, 10-lesson cards and a monthly paid membership to the Vocal Gym and Singer's Gym. 

Singing packages:

The singing packages come in three sizes:

·      The small package consists of 30 lessons all together. Price 10.000 kr. 

·      The medium package consists of 40 lessons all together. Price 15.000 kr.

·      The large package consists of 70 lessons all together. Price 25.000 kr.

NB!  Please notice that the singing packages must be used within a certain period after the purchase:

Small package: must be used within 6 months

Medium package: must be used within 9 months

Large package: must be used within 1 year 

For payment information click here.


Voice lessons: 10 hours

Singer's Gym: 10 lessons

Voice Gym: 10 lessons

Price: 10.000 kr.


Voice lessons: 15 hours

Singer's Gym: 10 lessons

Voice Gym: 10 lessons

Repetition: 5 hours

Price:  15.000 kr.


Voice lessons: 20 hours

Singer's Gym: 20 lessons

Voice Gym: 20 lessons

Repetition: 10 hours

Price:  25.000 kr.

10-lessons cards:


  • Singer's Gym: 10x 1,5 hour 1.200 kr.

  • Voice Gym: 10x 1 hour 1.200 kr.

  • Repetition: 10x 30 minutes 3.500 kr.

The 10-lessons cards can either be paid through bank transferral or MobilePay and will subsequently be handed out at the institute.

For payment information click here.

NB: please notice that the 10-lessons cards must be used within 6 months after the purchase.

Singer's Gym

10x 1,5 hour

Price:  1.200 kr.

Voice Gym

10x 1 hour

Price:  1.200 kr.


10x 30 min.

Price:  3.500 kr.


If you want to have access to all the Singer's Gym and Voice Gym lessons, there are two different options for monthly membership:


  • Singer's Gym: 500 kr per month 

  • Singer's Gym and Voice Gym: 650 kr per month 


Teachers: Morten Middelboe Møllemand and Katrine Krog Russo


Read more about Singer's Gym here and Voice Gym here.




Mondays: (intermediate level) 

Singer's Gym: 10.00-11.30 

Voice Gym: 11.45-12.45 


Tuesdays: (open class) 

Singer's Gym: 15.30-17.00 


Thursdays: (open class) 

Singer's Gym: 10.00-11.30 (open class)

Voice Gym: 11.45-12.45 (open class)


NB! No tuition on school holidays.

For more information please contact the Anne Rosing Institute at


Changes may occur.

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