The song from the body and the core voice
Talent and training

In a new ground-breaking book, Anne Rosing makes her contribution to a profound understanding of the significance of the body to the singing voice. The book describes what among singing professionals – not just in Denmark, but also in international circles – is known as the Anne Rosing Method. 


Based on her years of studying elite singers, classical as well as rhythmical, Anne Rosing has created a method of training the body and the singing technique which traces back to the famous Bel Canto school of the 1800s, and which rests on two solid pillars: The singing body and the core voice. 


Until now, the method has been taught from master to apprentice, but with Anne Rosing's book, "The song from the body and the core voice", singers, singing teachers, choirmasters, speech therapists and anyone with a desire to obtain profound knowledge of the singing voice can study her method. 

The book is the first Danish contribution to what is referred to as "somatic singing pedagogy" in recent foreign literature, i.e. singing pedagogy, which emphasises the body's crucial importance to the singing voice. 


The method considers and develops the singing body and thus the core voice. The core voice is characterised by a great richness in overtones and a particular timbre, and it also has great abrasion resistance and carrying power. 


The book contains a theoretical as well as a practical part, which allows the singer to understand the anatomy and physiology behind the method and to work in practice with the exercises targeting both the singing technique and the body. Anne Rosing also describes the particular challenge of the singer: that, unlike a musician, he is unable to separate himself from his instrument. He IS his instrument. 


The book is rich in visuals with more than 100 illustrations to support the anatomical understanding of the singing instrument and the performance of the many exercises. 

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